Monkeys First

You wrote in and I listened.

Now I’m making changes. Big ones 🙂

The feedback that I have been getting on my, is that it’s simply too much content. Folks don’t know where to look. Soooo, I’m creating separate websites for each segment of my business, and tying them all together with one umbrella site.

Here’s what the sites will look like: (Umbrella) This site will be a single page with links to all the others. (Due out 1/30) (Art) (Due out 1/30) (Monkey Made of Sockies) (Live Now) (Gratitude) (Live Now) (Music) (Due Out 12/15)

~GiveYourWallsSomeSoul (Television) (Due out 12/31)


Monkey Made of Sockies was most insistent, so I completed his site first.

MMOS Header



Click here and take a peek…. it’s a lot of fun!

I was so inspired while creating the site, I’m thinking about creating more monkeys 🙂

Thanks so much for your feedback. I am grateful for your comments.

Now It’s time to get out of tech mode and gear up for a nice long holiday weekend.

I wish you and yours a wonderful Thanksgiving!




2 Responses

  1. Adriana

    Hi Shannon: I’m very glad for the changes you’ve implemented and those in the works for your sites, pages and other techie necessities. After being in the arts business for so long, we can tend to accumulate- lots of things, now including the ever encompassing digital stash. It makes great sense for us all to invest time in this dreaded task and commend you on the journey! All the best on completing it to your creative specifications. Hugs xxxxx