Citra Solv Art

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Artist Wendy Denton performed  a very inspiring Citra Solv art demonstration during the February Yosemite Western Artists meeting!

We took vintage National Geographic Magazines, coated each page with CitraSolv, and let the Citra Solv do it’s magic.


Yosemite Western Artists

(Notice we are outside.  This is a messy, smelly job, and best done outside, wearing old clothes and gloves.)

We then placed a log on each magazine to weigh the magazines down, and let them sit for about an hour. (You can use whatever weight you have on hand. We just happened to have a lot of firewood.)

Once the pages have processed, you tear them from the magazine and hang them to dry.


High Tech Drying Apperatus
High Tech Drying Apparatus in My Backyard


Once dry, you can manipulate the images by applying more CitraSolv and removing ink, and /or you can collage or add paint, ink, whatever!  The possibilities are endless.

Here’s the one I created in class. I both added paint and removed ink…




Close To Mother Earth
Close To Mother Earth

The next two give you an idea what the images look like without any manipulation on my part, other than the initial CitraSolv application. I love them just as they are!



New Day Small
New Day
Meer Schmear
Meer Schmear


I’ve had a blast with this medium and I look forward to more experimentation.

If you’d like more info check out this blog post by Balzer Designs…. she’s creating really cool stuff with the medium.

There are also some really cool videos here too…